By John Hanson posted October, 2023

With the assistance of my partner Shirley Edwards we are pleased to announce that following the success of our 1st Volume of 'Policing the Haunted Skies' the co-author, being West Midlands Police Inspector Roy Teague (available on eBay or direct from ourselves), we are proud to announce that Volume 2 will be available for sale within the next few weeks. 

Secondly for those that have an interest in Wiltshire and some amazing phenomena which occurred during the later part of the 20th Century, we decided to publish The Magic of Wiltshire, which is an up to date book offered in black and white, condensed from the colour version of the original book that is still for sale on Amazon. 

Many people have asked us why our books are not on Amazon. The simple answer is that we would be charged a monthly fee and 35per cent profit! We are not prepared to put up the price because people can’t afford it at the moment, so we have been attempting to negotiate setting up as Individual Sellers on Amazon. Unfortunately this has been a lengthy process lasting over a few months and we are still currently trying to fulfil the requirements as meted out by Amazon.

Our books are not only about the UFO witnesses they are about the multitude of UFO researchers who laboured often in the face of ridicule to investigate, something or someone whose identity and purpose still remains unknown to this present day.

We should not forget this is history in the making. These are their stories, not ours. We feel privileged that at long last the ‘real truths’ that lie behind reports of inexplicable flying objects moving across the English skies can be told.

We would also like to invite any members of the public to our GREAT BRITISH UFO LEARNING CENTRE based near Stratford on Avon, should they wish to educate themselves with regard to many thousands of original sighting reports, DVDs, Press Cuttings, photos, letters etc…we look forward to hearing from you..

We would finally like to thank those that have committed their skills and talents into providing me with many illustrations. They include, Doncaster based David Sankey, Steve Franklin, Wayne, Mason and ‘Robert’ aka MODO from Leeds.

And finally, I would like to thank Shirley, my partner for all of her help and assistance with setting up the Great British UFO Learning Centre.


John Hanson
Dawn Holloway
Steve Franklin
David Sankey
Bob Tibbitts